New Energy Vehicle Electric Control System Smart Manufacturing New Model Demonstration Project

On April 15, the 2018 National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s new model application project for smart manufacturing-the “New Energy Vehicle Electric Control System Smart Manufacturing New Model Demonstration Project”, passed the acceptance by the expert group,on April 15.

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Participating leaders and experts visited the exhibition hall and project site

The acceptance meeting was chaired by Chen Ge, deputy director of the Technology Innovation Division (Artificial Intelligence Division) of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, and came from Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Zhejiang Mechanical and Electrical Design Institute, Provincial Intelligent Connected Automobile Innovation Center, Zhejiang Gongshang University Seven technical and financial experts from other units jointly formed an acceptance review expert group. Zhang Jiandong, chief engineer of Wenzhou Economic and Information Bureau, Yao Pengpeng, deputy director of Wenzhou Economic and Information Bureau, and other relevant leaders attended the acceptance meeting. Li Chuanwu, the person in charge of the project technology, the deputy general manager and chief engineer of Ruili Group, and the leaders of the participating units of the project participated in this acceptance meeting.

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Intelligent die casting workshop

Ruili is one of the first batch of cloud benchmarking enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and a provincial-level manufacturing and Internet integration development demonstration enterprise. Ruili’s “New Energy Vehicle Electric Control System Intelligent Manufacturing New Model Demonstration Project” was successfully selected as the 2018 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology New Model Application Project of Intelligent Manufacturing.

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Intelligent machine shop

Relying on the independent innovation ability formed by years of hard work in the automotive parts industry, with the joint efforts of Hangzhou WoLei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hangzhou Yongchuang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., China Jiliang University and other project unit members , Ruili has carried out further exploration and practice of intelligent manufacturing in the field of auto parts manufacturing, and has achieved fruitful results:

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Intelligent assembly workshop

The project successfully developed, developed, integrated and applied more than ten types of dozens of key core equipment, broke through several key short-board technologies; formulated a number of national standards and industry standards, applied for more than 20 Chinese invention patents, and registered 8 The software copyright has formed a unique innovative knowledge system in the field of intelligent manufacturing; in particular, the empowerment effect of intelligent manufacturing on the production process has achieved remarkable results, achieving a substantial cost reduction and efficiency increase, production efficiency increased by 39.8%, and operating costs reduced by 37.8 %, the product development cycle is shortened by 46.5 %, the product defect rate is reduced by 36.1%, the unit production energy consumption is reduced by 29.5%, and the evaluation indicators specified in the project mission statement have been successfully completed, and the automobile electric control system intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory has been established.

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Intelligent control

The expert group participating in the acceptance unanimously agreed to pass the acceptance and gave a high evaluation of the project, believing that the implementation of the project has successfully established a new model of intelligent manufacturing in the auto parts industry, which will promote the advancement of design and manufacturing informatization and intelligent technology in the auto parts industry. It has an exemplary and leading role and hopes that Ruili will aim at a higher goal, strengthen a new round of construction, and build a factory of the future.

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Post time: Jul-23-2021