New Gold Aluminium Water Smoker

Short Description:

Specific: Customer drawing
Service: OEM or ODM

Product Detail

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Supply Ability: 10,000 pieces per month
Production process: drawing → mold → die casting-deburring → drilling → tapping → CNC machining → quality inspection → polishing → surface treatment → assembly → quality inspection → packaging
Application: bathroom accessories

Production process

Mould design

Mould design according to customer requirements

Mould development

Mould development and production based on design requirements

Die Casting Production

Production in a high standard, fully automated, environmentally friendly workshop using environmentally friendly materials

Multi-axis tapping

Precision automatic machining to ensure each product is dimensionally correct

Computerised gongs

Fully automatic computerised gong production centre, guaranteeing high precision products


Advanced CNC machining centre, automatic production and processing, to ensure time and efficiency


Post-processing centres, product de-batching processing lines


Polishing and deburring in a high standard polishing room

Surface treatment

Various colours can be plated, spraying, oiling, oxidation etc. are available


1. Die casting can be guaranteed no water lines, no blistering, no water seepage, no air leakage

2. Secondary processing can be controlled without sand holes, impurities and colour differences

3. Products can be oxidized in various colours without colour difference

4. Product precision can be controlled to +-0.01

5. Plating salt spray can pass the acid test: more than 96 hours

6. Product heat dissipation coefficient can be controlled above 200

7. Preferred supplier for high-end precision equipment parts

Packing and shipping

Packing details Bubble bag + export carton
Port: FOB Port Ningbo

Lead time

Quantity (number of pieces) 1-100 101-1000 1001-10000 >10000
Time (days) 20 20 30 45

Payment and transportation: prepaid TT, T/T, L/C

competitive advantage

  • Accept small orders
  • fair price
  • Deliver on time
  • Timely service
  • We have more than 11 years of professional experience. As a manufacturer of bathroom accessories, we take quality, delivery time, cost, and risk as our core competitiveness, and all production lines can be effectively controlled
  • The products we make can be your sample or your design
  • We have a strong research and development team to solve the problem of bathroom hardware
  • There are many supporting manufacturers around our factory

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