Along with intelligent die

Along with intelligent die-casting, Haitian Metal’s multiple sets of die-casting island solutions ”show”


From July 7th to 9th, 2021 Shanghai Die Casting Exhibition and Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Exhibition opened grandly at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Haitian Metal exhibited a variety of core products and complete solutions at the exhibition, bringing a wonderful industry event to the audience.

Next, let us walk into the wonderful scene of Haitian Metal’s exhibition and take a look at the die-casting feast.

01.plan display

At the exhibition, HDC550/RTC and HDC350 intelligent die-casting islands appeared on Haitian Metal’s booth.


Among them, the HDC/RTC series are high-performance medium and small-sized cold chamber die-casting machines with extraordinary injection performance and were born for high-standard die-casting production. Industry-leading double closed loop full real-time control injection system, high stability, high quality injection process. Through advanced motion software analysis and strong mold clamping mechanism, it guarantees accurate, efficient and durable mold opening and clamping. At the same time, the high-performance servo power system and intelligent KEBA control system customized for Haitian die-casting machines make the HDC/RTC series a new and cost-effective die-casting solution.

The new HDC series cold chamber die casting machine has an excellent injection system, a strong mold clamping structure, Haitian high-performance servo power system using EtherCAT real-time bus control technology, and an intelligent KEBA control system, and is equipped with an injection intelligent curve and The intelligent quality online function makes the die-casting equipment easier to use, durable, efficient and stable, and can meet the production needs of die-casting parts of different specifications.

Haitian Metal’s customizable cloud system is a set of production information management system for the executive level of the manufacturing enterprise’s workshop. It can provide enterprises with functions including manufacturing data management, planning and scheduling management, production scheduling management, personnel call management, quality management, equipment life management, tool tooling management, maintenance management, project kanban management, production process control, data integration analysis, etc. The module provides decision-making support for enterprise management and creates a collaborative management platform for digital intelligent manufacturing for enterprises.

Haitian Metal’s high-vacuum smelting injection molding equipment is mainly used for high-vacuum smelting injection molding of materials such as zirconium-based amorphous master alloys, oxygen-sensitive copper alloys, and aluminum-magnesium alloys that require less slag holes.

1. Melting and injection in a high vacuum environment, the vacuum degree is within 10 Pa (1 mbar = 100 Pa);
2. No entrapment and trapped air during injection;

02. Strategic contract

Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony

During the exhibition, Anhui Huihan Precision, Pashengbo FLOW-3D CAST, Tianzheng Mould, and Haitian Metal’s “super-large integrated aluminum structure development and production” strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in Hall E6.
Through this contract, Haitian Metal will adhere to the principle of excellence and provide customers with better and more advanced die-casting products and services.

03. Get reward

At the exhibition, Haitian Metal won unanimous recognition and praise from the audience with its excellent product strength and sincere service. And fortunately to win the “2021 Die Casting Industry Innovative Technology” and the “2021 Special Contribution Award for Promoting China’s Die Casting Technology Progress”.

The exhibition officially ended successfully today. Thank you to every audience and partner who came to the Haitian Metal booth to visit and communicate. In the future, Haitian Metal will continue to maintain its original intention of technology, work hard and explore on the road of lightweight and integrated die-casting, and work with colleagues in the industry to help the development of the new energy automobile industry and the 5G communication industry.

Post time: Jul-23-2021