Aluminum die casting manufacturing crafts

Short Description:

Specific: Customer drawing
Service: OEM or ODM

Product Detail

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Product parameter

Material zinc alloy
color Chrome
Surface treatment electroplating
Product application bathroom
Weight 2400g
Using die-casting machine 400T
Quality high grade
Casting process high pressure die casting
Drawing format
Secondary processing machining/polishing/plating
Main features bright/corrosion resistant
Test Salt Spray/Quench

Our advantage
1. In-house mold design and manufacturing
2. Possess mold, die-casting, machining, polishing and electroplating workshops
3. Advanced equipment and excellent R&D team
4. Various ODM+OEM product range

Supply Ability: 10,000 pieces per month
Production process: drawing → mold → die casting-deburring → drilling → tapping → CNC machining → quality inspection → polishing → surface treatment → assembly → quality inspection → packaging
Application: bathroom accessories

Product Introduction

About zinc die castings

Zinc alloy die castings are pressure cast parts, which are cast using a pressure casting machine fitted with a casting mould.

The zinc or zinc alloy heated to a liquid state is poured into the inlet of the die-casting machine and die-cast by the die-casting machine to produce a zinc or zinc alloy part of the shape and size restricted by the mould.

Features of zinc die casting

The main characteristics of zinc alloy die casting are, the melting point of zinc alloy is low, the temperature reaches four hundred degrees when the zinc alloy melts, this is better in zinc alloy die casting for forming. Zinc alloy does not absorb iron during the melting and die-casting process, and zinc alloy casting performance is good, in the die-casting process can be put a lot of complex shape of precision parts, the surface of the castings after the completion of the die-casting looks very smooth.  At the same time, the specific gravity of zinc alloys is relatively high.


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